Increase Your Sex Appeal with Eyelash Extensions

One of the first things a person usually notices about someone else is their eyes.  You can now easily and affordably have sexier eyes with Eyelash Extensions. If you have not ever used extensions before a technician can help you select the type of lashes that will make you look best lashes Ann Arbor.  The lashes are smooth and soft to the touch. They come in brown or black. If you want another color they can be special ordered. You can either go into a salon or make an appointment with a mobile technician who will come to your home and apply the lash extensions makes.  The process of applying the lashes is painless. The lashes are attached to your own lashes with adhesive glue. They will typically last for up to four weeks or maybe a bit longer.

When they start to come off, you can make another appointment to get new ones put on.  Many people are concerned about damaging their own eyelashes but this product will not harm your natural lashes. The Eyelash Extensions are made for a synthetic material that looks just like real hair.

Eyelash Extensions are not made with the popular mink fur.   The reason for this is that the source of most of the mink fur is China and it is very difficult to verify the conditions that the minks live in.  Although the hair is only combed from their bodies, if their living conditions are not good, the quality of their hair may not be good enough to use so close to your eyes.  Eyelash Extensions we are against animal abuse as well. The synthetic eyelash extensions uses work very well and are a bit less expensive than mink fur lashes as well. You will be very pleased with your results.  It’s time to improve the way you look, which typically will also improve the way you feel.

Eyelash extensions offer you the best in lash extensions. You can get a truly customized and personalized look by choosing your length and volume, and they also come in a variety of colors. Eyelash extensions are great for women who have been looking for a way to spice up their look and appearance of their eyes to something more sultry and sexy. Flirt your way to beauty and experience the power that lash extensions can offer you.

Now ordinary women all over the world can enjoy the beauty of thick and voluptuous lashes. The great thing is that, as opposed to many other lashes, these can last about six weeks, all depending on how your lashes’ growth cycle is. They also have a more natural look to them, meaning your lashes are going to actually look as if they are your very own, natural lashes click here for more info.

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