False Eyelashes Give You the Look You Want

No matter what you want to achieve, you can count on what false eyelashes have been known to offer. For women who have brittle and thin eyelashes that aren’t even noticeable with those expensive mascaras on, you are going to be rather pleased with the results that are achievable with the eyelash extensions can provide you. While there are many places that offer lash extensions visit this site eyelash extensions website, they are often fake-looking and will not stay in place but a week or two.  The beauty of lash extensions is that they are soft and luxurious, so no one will ever realize that you are wearing fake lashes. Another great thing is that you can finally throw out your mascara because you are no longer going to need it. These lashes can help you achieve new lengths that are going to be so noticeably beautiful that you are going to catch everyone’s attention no matter where you go.

These quality extensions are made from synthetic material that looks just like real hair.   We chose not to use the mink fur that is so popular with many salons because we cannot guarantee the quality of the mink fur.  Most of it comes from China and the living conditions of the minks cannot be verified. This translates in to questionable quality.  For something that is being attached so closely to your eyes, we feel safer with synthetic hair.

You can have false eyelashes makes attached in the salon or in your home and hair salon ann arbor.  We have technicians who work in the salon and others who make house calls. The process of attaching the lashes is painless.  Adhesive glue is used to attach the false eyelashes makes to your natural lashes. After they are secured they should last for three to four weeks.  Some people are lucky enough to have them last up to six weeks.

Lash extensions will make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend a fortune.  They come in brown and black. You can special order other colors. Just think, you never have to wear mascara again.  The eyelash extensions makes feel soft to the touch and look completely natural. The false eyelashes can offer you are thick and luxurious and come in a variety of colors. You can still wear your eye makeup as you normally would, but when you are taking your makeup off, be sure to use caution and care to not rip off your extensions. You should use a cotton swab with some eye makeup remover on it and gently rub your eyes.

You don’t have to worry about having any reactions to the lashes because they are hypoallergenic and also waterproof. You can go swimming and take a shower without worrying about them falling off. Women can now experience true beauty and add more spice to their appearance. Boost your self-esteem and enjoy your new look with lash extensions. Your gorgeous, thick lashes will be the next topic of conversation at that family function or holiday party at work.

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